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Business Values Transparency

Every business has values. The question is: does the business have transparency of those values?

Logic: All businesses are run by people. People vote, people spend money and make commerce go 'round. When you spend a dollar, it is a vote for that business, which in turn becomes a dollar for the values of that business or the people profiting from that business.

When a CEO speaks out about their values, I applaud them as someone who’s willing to communicate those values clearly. They are taking a big risk at loosing stock or customers, but they are providing transparency and education to a consumer base.

It is up to the customer to place the vote of their dollar into that value. However, far more often then not, companies cower against the idea of publicizing values. And customers appreciate that. Ignorance is bliss, and who is a consumer to feel guilty for pouring their earnings into something they knew nothing about. We do it every day. We turn a blind eye for the cost of convenience. Blissful.

With that said, there is much to celebrate!

"Unknowing" is something we can all resolve, and fairly quickly, at that. In this society, beautiful in so many ways, information is at the tips of our fingers. It's a simple daily decision to research the retailers, restaurants, hotels, airlines, artists, etc into which we pour our hard earned savings; Each dollar a vote, each day another chance. 

The conversations to change this world are passionate. Intimate parties with strong resolve sit over dinner, drinks, conferences.

This is wonderful expression of freedom and resolve to progress, yet, there is a smoldering irony: The dollars that supply for these interactions (drinks, venue, food, gas) often have directly opposing values to the unknowing party so vehement for change.

We all fall prey to this daily contradiction of action vs unknowing.

We hear it everyday. The question. "What do we do?"

The answer lies in the rhetoric we learned (along with everything else) in Kindergarten- "You cannot change the world until you change yourself," or some version of the concept. 

So, until you know that as much of your dollar as possible is going into the values you believe in, it's very difficult to ask someone else to change their values and actions. Change happens slowly, never linearly, but always occurring. And, you are inseparable from that change. Don't let anyone tell you there's nothing you can do. Whether you want to or not, you are doing something every moment of every day, which effects the direction of this world.

What can we do? Here’s one of many answers, but one for today:

Educate yourself first about the impact of your dollar.

If you are a business or a person with influence, strongly consider transparency. As a well-respected business or community member, people gravitate towards you and may be eager to learn about and possibly share your values. 

Understand the impact of your voice, your media, the persona you display on a daily basis. 

As a small, private business, we will continue to showcase what EATreats stands for: INCLUSIVITY and spreading mass empathy to the best of our ability. To us, this is simply human. It’s as naturally our right as it is our right to access to healthy food. To us this is inseparable. This is why UGo Bars has always been, and will continue be, more than a snack bar. It’s a way of life- straightforward, gritty, and uncomplicated.

EATreats stands to build a path to help us all feed our bodies and minds the best way possible, no matter what life brings us.

We stand behind our mission to continue the development of a (better-fed!) worldwide community, by encouraging positive dialog centered around:

    • Inclusivity
    • Diversity
    • Awareness
    • Adventure
    • Environmentalism

With utmost sincerity,

Rebecca Walter

Founder / Owner



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