Letter of Gratitude to Kickstarter Donors

Rebecca Walter
Rebecca Walter
Nov 30 2016

I am sitting down at my desk in this moment, in the new kitchen, fully built, watching over our handcrafted production, absorbing the magnitude of what you have done for me.

It’s been far too long since I have updated you. Your patience is worth a thousand thankyou's. The process of running a Kickstarter, accepting the reality that 363 backers believe in the mission and dream that is UGo Bars, has struck in an overwhelming way. The process of accepting help beyond expectation is something we could probably all be better at, but for me, June 12 - July 12 was a radical experience in learning how to do that.

In addition, we went through a major management transition in September. While settling in to our new facility, we are also settling into a new team dynamic, and branding evolution. I am the new sole-owner of UGo Bars, and I could not be more excited to move us into the next stage of development!

I mention all this simply to help you understand the depths of my gratitude for you, and to update you, as you are and will forever be part of the foundation of UGo Bars. 

For those who purchased a Rainbow Tee, thank you not only for forwarding the life of UGo Bars, but also for funding at a very special backer level. This fills my heart even beyond the simple joy of receiving help for the new UGo Kitchen. 

As a small, private business, I will continue to showcase what UGo Bars stands for: INCLUSIVITY and spreading mass empathy to the best of our ability. To me, this is simply human. It’s as naturally our right as it is our right to access to healthy food. To me, this is inseparable. This is why UGo Bars has always been, and will continue be, more than a snack bar. It’s a way of life- straightforward, gritty, and uncomplicated.

That all being said, YOUR SHIRTS ARE ORDERED~
I expect them next week. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and I hope more than ever, you wear them with Pride. Be you, unabashedly. And promote love with all your heart.

Thank you, my friends,

P.s. - please do message/email, call or text me with any thoughts you have about the Kickstarter, UGo or feedback in general. Our business is built upon you, our customers and invaluable network. Cheers!

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