Partnering with Open For Service!

About 3 years ago, I started seeing these amazing stickers pop up around Indiana that said "We Serve Everyone," and it felt like a warm hug in a dark space. The Religious Freedom Act of Indiana was swirling about, business boycotts were rising, and Indiana was becoming a scary place for many small-businesses as well as individuals marginalized for any reason whatsoever. These joyful cartoonish stickers were PERFECT for creating something as simple as a smile.

The pull to meet the face behind these stickers of love grabbed me spontaneously over my lunch-break one Tuesday afternoon. I shot the organization a quick Facebook message, and a few minutes later I was on the phone with the Founder and President for an hour bonding over the crises we saw, and the paths to solution at our fingertips. Josh Driver became my hero and one of my best friends over the span of that phone call.

Fast forward a few years, I recently had the honor to join Josh on the Board of Directors of this rapid-growth Non-Profit who will never lose sight of its core values to provide a safe space and equal service to everyone, regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and political/religious affiliation.

Given the opportunity to raise funds for O4S is something Everyday Adventure Treats is passionate about. We relish the opportunity to work with Just Pop In as our partner in the EQUAL BOX, as the 2 ladies behind the company are also Indiana-based, O4S members, and great friends to the mission of love and inclusivity for all. We hope you are as excited as we are to provide handcrafted, locally made products that raise funds for such a necessary mission as Open For Service is!

Love to All,

Becca (Founder of Everyday Aventure Treats)

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