Sage Canaday, National Class MUT runner reviews EATreats

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Sage Canaday, National Class MUT runner reviews EATreats

A message from our Athlete, Sage Canaday, regarding one of his favorite fuel sources:

I love taking EATreats on any camping trip or plane flight as the make the perfect snack with my coffee! Sandi and I use the bars on long adventure trail runs out up 14,000' mountains or snowshoeing in the Rockies. I also always pack a bar in my car when I drive to the track for a hard workout or long run on the roads as it is a portable recovery tool and the first high quality calories that I consume after doing these types of strenuous workouts. I know my body needs carbs, protein and a little fat to recover fast and EATreats are a delicious part of that process! We are what we eat and I'm proud to say that a good portion of me is now made out of Everyday Adventure Treats. They have undoubtedly aided in my running performance, recovery and energy levels over the years. -Sage

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