Season, LLC now offering Personal Coaching!

I am opening a few slots for personal coaching/speaking engagements/consulting of any level.

13 years NCAA Div 1 performance/coaching experience. I qualified for a World Team, and finished 7th at USA’s in the 10k (PR 33:09).

I’ve worked with those:
-looking to improve general fitness, motivation, confidence, visualization (in life, not just with running)
-who have never run, successfully completing a 5k
-coming back from injury
-improving form/strength
-transition out of elite athletics into “normal” life (nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle)
-who qualified for Boston Marathon with a 20min PR
-dozens of All-Americans 600m-10k
-self-coached to marathon wins + an elite trail 50k (4:11)
-$200/month in-person/skype. DM or email me for more info. I only want to work with a couple people so hurry before spots fill!


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