We Are Making A Film!



This Friday, we are headed to the San Francisco International Film Festival, where Everyday Productions and the Brothers English will release a teaser for their documentary project, Feeding Tomorrow.

Everyday Adventure Treats is collaborating with the Feeding Tomorrow team on their journey to showcase innovators on the front lines of creating positive change in our food system today. We, as citizens, intend to empower people through exploration of food and our relationship to it. Feeding Tomorrow establishes in-depth interviews with farmers, educators, chefs, entrepreneurs, scientists, and nutrition & wellness experts.

Food is our nexus. It is humanity’s closest relationship to the natural world; it affects our health, environment, technology, policy, and society at large. To create change, we need to understand the whole system.
By feeding people quality food, from the bottom up, it will change the way they look at food, thereby changing the way they look at life.

Please share with anyone who may want to contribute to the film in any way, and follow along at FeedingTomorrowFilms.com.

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