WHY did we change our name?!

Many people have asked why we changed our name.

Here’s the truth: Our name was too similar to a corporate brand that felt threatened by our revolutionary role in the evolving snack industry. (And we became bigger than we expected!)
This experience has been a blessing; rebranding took so much energy and resources, it may not have happened otherwise. I was asked to create an entire new brand in 6months (a huge rush), and I seized the opportunity to move to locally designed, compostable packaging.

This is an opportunity to fulfill my vision of organic, authentic and sustainable snacking. Our current focus? A lifestyle movement, empowering all of you to become comfortable leaving your comfort zone. Food is the foundation of our brand, because we consider it a universal language, medicine, and the foundation of our collective revolution. See our last newsletter? It’s all about feeling comfortable (and fashionable!) no matter where life takes you.

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