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Earthquake Relief Updates: One year Anniversary

Dearest friends and family, 

Namaste! We hope this email finds you well!

Today marks the one year anniversary (Baisakh 12th or April 24th) of the 7.8 Earthquake that killed thousands, and left many more homeless with few resources for health, school, and other basic needs. This is also the anniversary where many of you shared your heartfelt condolences, send us messages of encouragement and strength, and donated money, art supplies, and school supplies. Together, we raised nearly $X,XXX to help Uden’s neighborhood, Kirtipur. We wanted to share with you how this money has been used and what plans we have for the future!

Women Rebuilding: A group of local women volunteering together to rebuild a house that was destroyed in the earthquake.

Despite a year passing, the Nepali government has yet to release most of its resources. It has promised nearly $2,000 to 770,000 families that lost their homes and livelihood. To date, they have only allocated funds to 700 families. Additionally, Kathmandu is one of 3 districts that has not yet had a needs assessment to determine what sort of resources are necessary for rebuilding. This also means that severely affected neighborhoods in Kathmandu, like Kirtipur, have had no relief programs from the government. So your help has gone a long way. 

Here's what we've mobilized so far: 

  1. We have been working in relief management for the earthquake families in our neighborhood from the day zero. To make the best use of the available financial resources you kindly provided us, we trained local youth to do a rapid needs assessment in their community to identify the most needy families who were living in the temporary shelters. We prioritized families based on their economic situation, presence of elderly people, children, pregnant and new mothers. This way, our youth became directly involved in learning how to implement emergency aid and we were able to get resources to those needing it the most. 
  2. $400: The winter was one of the harshest in Kathmandu. Family's were living in temporary shelters made of just tin. We distributed high quality warm blankets for 20 most needy families living in these temporary shelters. Those blankets were made locally so that it would support small local businesses.

    3. $560: We also distributed 2 liters thermoses and electric hot bags for 40 families living in temporary shelters.

    4. $400: The local Disaster management committee is building the emergency shelter which would be used as a safe house, storage of emergency supplies and place where elderly people can sit and hang out. The Committee’s budget was more than anticipated, so we donated $400 of the Kirtipur Relief money to ensure that the structure could be constructed.

    5. We provided $50 to a local youth club for organizing a community painting competition to purchase colors and other materials. These sorts of events provide great opportunities for our youth to be engaged in fun, creative, and positive functions. We all know this is important for our mental health!

    6. Last but not the least, how can we possibly forget those UGO bars for which there were so many happy faces after eating. They gave energy to volunteers that helped to clear the debris of the collapsed buildings in our neighborhood. 

We plan on having the Local Disaster Management Committee design and propose their own project to use the rest of the funds. We’ll keep you updated on the progress! This way, we are ensuring that the resources will be used in ways that our local community deems as important. We are excited to work with them! 

Tapai haru ko sadvab, maya, ra sahayog prati hami sadhai abhari rahane chau!! 

We are and always will be grateful for your love, care, and support. 

 Muri muri dhanyabhaad (Thank you so so very much!)

Uden & Ashley