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Sage Canaday, National Class MUT runner reviews Everyday Adventure Treats

I love taking Everyday Adventure Treats on any camping trip or plane flight as the make the perfect snack with my coffee! Sandi and I use them on long adventure trail runs out up 14,000' mountains or snowshoeing in the Rockies. I also always pack one in my car when I drive to the track for a hard workout or long run on the roads as it is a portable recovery tool and the first high quality calories that I consume after doing these types of strenuous workouts. I know my body needs carbs, protein and a little fat to recover fast and Everyday Adventure Treats are a delicious part of that process! We are what we eat and I'm proud to say that a good portion of me is now made out of Everyday Adventure Treats. They have undoubtedly aided in my running performance, recovery and energy levels over the years. -Sage


All I can say is “thank you” and send you all a huge hug for such an amazing snack product for people with autoimmune diseases that must look into every product with a fine tooth comb – to avoid hidden ingredients (like sugars, fillers, coloring, etc) that attack the body’s immune system and do loads of damage over time.

- Christy Perry
After just learning about Everyday Adventure Treats yesterday, I was excited to find them on my way to class! I had to pick one up...I mean, a bar that is gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, AND comes from a local business that supports equality? Sounds like the perfect snack for me! Tried this one and wow- it was delicious. Will definitely be buying more in the future! -Chey, IU Student
Thank you, Rebecca! The Everyday Adventure Treats are great, I love them! I watch a lot of Mark's videos, and now I understand how he can eat so many of them a day. One fills me up most of the time but sometimes I eat 2. I simply wanted to thank you for a wonderful, healthy bar. I tell all my friends about them. Thanks, Jack


Just had my first Everyday Adventure Treats! Thanks, Rebecca! It was so delicious! I am truly in awe of the quality, contents, and taste. You have a new fan. -Jen Owen, Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Health

I tried a Cherry/Cacao bar yesterday and was very impressed.  I passed out a few to some people in my office and they too were impressed.  I just had the Anutter bar for lunch and it was amazing.  I was a little hesitant to purchase at first, having never tried them, since you have to order a box of 12. I’ve been burned before when doing this.  Fortunately, the two varieties I have tried are AWESOME.  That and I know of several other customers you’ll pick up just from my being generous and sharing (grin). 

You’ve gained a customer in me! 
-Corporate VP, Dublin OH


What We Love Wednesday: Everyday Adventure Treats. A great go-to snack to help us stay on track. All three flavors now available at Urban Fitness Studio! -Holistic Health Trainers, B-town

_______________________________________________________________________________Everyday Adventure Treats to the rescue. 6 hours in tiny airport with no food… -Hungry Traveller

Tried my first Everyday Adventure Treats! Took them with me to an ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend. Compared to 'other' bars, the favors were awesome and I looked forward to the next bite. It provided a nice chunk of sustained energy. I'll be buying more in the future for sure! -Ryan, Post-Grad


Everyday Adventure Treats were a favorite on the snack tables throughout Climate Ride and the first choice to be nabbed (I was lucky to get one before the boxes were emptied). A BIG ‪#‎TeamSycamore‬ THANK YOU for donating hand-crafted, vegan, gluten-free deliciousness to keep Climate Riders going for 300 miles of cycling in 4 days. We deeply appreciate your generosity!