Meet the individuals behind Everyday Adventure Treats that work day-in, and day-out to bring you the freshest, and highest quality snack-bars out there!  Knowing who we are is integral to understanding, from an inside perspective, what goes into creating the Treats mission!

Rebecca Walter | Founder / Owner

My investment in Everyday Adventure Treats is an extension of who I am. I spend as much time as possible outdoors. I don’t slow down often unless it’s to relax after an adventure, which lately has been waterfall-chasing around Indiana on the weekends. I have a love of so many endeavors, that often my nutrition has been sacrificed for the pursuit of adventure or work. I understand this is a reflection of many people's lives, who sacrifice their own well-being for all of the otherness in their days.


In 2013, I set out on a mission with one objective in mind - to create a snack that was portable, healthy, and benefitted everyone involved. This is why we have fostered such a unique, employee-driven environment that re-humanizes food. Our mission is clear, we will not sacrifice quality at the expense of anyone on our Team or for simple profit. We have set out to create a new standard in the snacking industry. We are always demanding better, and we are determined to be a part of the solution. This Team we have created is the perfect exhibition of who we are, raising the bar, in this industry.

Carly Dunnuck | Seasonal Life Stylist

I move with the seasons. I allow nature to gently guide my self-care, intuitively feed myself, and move my body in harmony with it. As Rebecca's life-partner and co-pilot on her spontaneous outdoor adventures, I have found ways to incorporate comfort, fashion, and self-care into these otherwise often rugged or spontaneous trips. I find nothing more heartwarming than sharing these tips with you on our blog, and through my one-on-one and skype sessions!

Richard Wade | Head of Production

So much of my life revolves around my work, which isn’t just Everyday Adventure Treats. I’m also a photographer and videographer. I feel like work is the essence of someone’s existence to a certain extent. It’s very raw, and it forces you in close with people who have different perspectives from yours.

I’m glad that Treats is a socially conscious company. My main goal here is to create systems that don’t contradict our goal of making a positive difference in the world. Sometimes when companies set goals like that, they lose sight of how their mission applies to the workers themselves and the conditions they’re working under. But helping people is irrelevant if the people who are helping are getting hurt in the process. That’s why I take my work here very seriously.